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Welcome to Airbound Trampoline’s Newsletter. We’re completely prepared to hold your interest in our new attractions, upcoming events, and promotional offers for our White Marsh jump park. We’re especially eager to start sharing about our newest attraction, our Ninja Warrior Course, that we have recently added to our list of attractions. The concept of the Ninja Warrior Course is to provide a challenging arena that creates the feeling of adventure, combined with the safety of a controlled environment. Beyond the initial intrigue of besting a complicated set of monkey bars and interesting climbing structures, there are many benefits to climb structure playing.

Climbing structures were introduced in the 19th century to improve both moral and physical development in children. The main purpose of these elaborate climbing structures is to promote coordination and motor skills in children and adults alike, and provide an opportunity to build skills without adding a tedious task to the mix. It’s widely known that children who start out climbing remain active and engaged in sport-like activity throughout the rest of their childhood.

Jump Park Exercise

If you’ve ever visited our White Marsh jump park, you’re aware that you can work up quite a sweat while playing on our wall-to-wall trampolines. Though our facility is specially designed to be incredibly fun and engaging, it’s hard not to call it a workout. Our Ninja Warrior Course adopts this same principle. With blocks of soft foam to catch you, you’re free to push yourself to the limit with an elaborate setup of swings, platforms- moving, still, or tilted, monkey bars and other creative obstacles that increase your spatial awareness and occupy your entire mind and body.

Trampoline Parks Promote Divergent Thinking

Though the colors are powerful and creative, this arena allows for the perfect static adventure area. Opening the mind to possibilities of different setting and inspiring divergent thinking creativity and grand ideas. Through this practiced form of thinking, you can become better at problem-solving, which creates more opportunity for creative outlets, as well as long-term abilities in the professional world.

Challenging your mind and body is crucial to growing up and achieving general self-improvement, which you can easily achieve through creative play time at your White Marsh trampoline park. Airbound Trampoline offers many attractions that stimulate the mind and body, like our VR Autosport Simulator Speedway and other sports that take the full possibilities of a jump park to another level.

A Trampoline Warehouse Near You

Currently, Airbound Trampoline offers both individual Open Play passes and trampoline party planning. We offer various packages that provide a private room, which can be chosen depending on your party size as well as food and drink accommodations. Contact us with any inquiries you have about our equipment, the safety guards in place for your guests, or the types of events we regularly host. We’d be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Be sure to keep up with our blog for information about our upcoming equipment and interesting studies on child development in tandem with play time. Find promotions and more on our tickets page to stay up to date on our various deals, which will make it more affordable to bring your family to Airbound Trampoline Center for a great night of exercise and fun.