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As we age, birthday parties somehow get far less fun than they were when we were kids. We downplay it, and we haven’t planned out what we want for our birthday months in advance like we used to. There are no cool toys that we can have that won’t earn us funny looks from fellow shoppers. In fact, there’s a litany of reasons to not have fun on your birthday when you’re an adult. Well, that stops here. There’s no reason you shouldn’t go out of your way to celebrate your entrance into this world, even if you’re a touch disenchanted with the obligations of adulthood. Your birthday is the perfect excuse for you to shed your responsibilities and have fun.

The Arcade

Nowadays, there are a variety of arcades available to spend time. There’s the traditional kind that allows you to play classic games like Dig-Dug and Pacman. There are pinball arcades that serve drinks and let you play on classical machines and there are even modern arcades that have a variety of gaming systems from the Gamecube and PlayStation 1 to the Nintendo Switch and XBox One. Whatever floats your boat probably exists around your area. Have a nice dinner beforehand so that you can get your fill of orderly dinners and then go play like a kid and forget your troubles in front of an enthralling game.

Bars and Dancing

If you’re hoping to take a break that involves a sunny patio and a cold drink in your hand, you might schedule a get-together at your local bar. You could even expand the festivities to a nightclub where you can dance, drink, and make merry until the sun comes up. If you’re not into dubstep and dancing to electronic music, you might shop around town to see if you can find a venue that caters to country line dancing, or even a 1940s themed jazz club, rather than the traditional dance club.

Airbound Trampoline Park

A great way to open up the night wherever you’re intending to go is to start by being a kid. There’ll be plenty of time for dressing up, dancing, and drinking at the end of the night. But, if you’re hoping for something to do during the day, you might look to a trampoline park to get the group’s spirits up. Trampolines are always pretty fun, but a warehouse filled with jumping platforms, pits full of foam, and parkour ninja courses is more than fun. In fact, we heartily believe that you’ll be hard-pressed to not find your inner child having a ball.

Schedule Your Birthday Party

A birthday is a special time, not only because it’s celebrating the day you entered this world, but because it is a celebration of life in general. You’re marking the years you’ve seen, the struggles you’ve managed to overcome, and the joys that have made it all worth it. A birthday is much like standing at the top of a hill and observing everything that has come before that has made you into the person you are today and looking to the future at everything you can and will become. It’s nostalgic and yet it’s centered around growth. Book your party at our expansive trampoline park today.