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Airbound Trampoline Park proudly offers the highest quality trampolines to make your experience worth remembering. We find trampolines create unlimited possibilities for fun and whimsical enjoyment, but they’re also excellent instruments for displaying physics and getting a great workout. While most folks don’t think of a trampoline park as a good excuse to get out and exercise, it’s the perfect place to do so while having fun. It works many muscle groups and doesn’t put the same pressure that running and other cardio sports put on your joints. Before you can really benefit from the exercise you should understand how the trampoline works.

The First Law of Trampoline Parks

Those graceful bounces and the gentle give of the tarp is an amazing display of the natural laws of the universe. They’re a perfect model of Newton’s basic laws of motion, specifically. The law of inertia is defined as an object at rest will stay at rest, or an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an external force. If you analyze the motion of someone on a trampoline from the minute they step on, you can watch each law play out. Inertia stops you from getting propelled upward when you’re just standing still on the tarp. If you apply external force with the movement of your legs you’ll start to bounce because you’re applying force and making the object start moving. It’s also the law of physics that’s keeping you from bouncing straight into outer space. If you’re still concerned about this, however, it does help that our Airbound Trampoline Park is indoors, so there’s the added bonus of a ceiling stopping your upward progression if the laws of physics should break down.

The Second Law of Trampoline Parks

Newton’s second law, known as acceleration, is defined as “the acceleration of an object depends on its mass and the net force acting upon it.” You’ve seen this in action if you’ve ever been the smaller person on the trampoline and the bigger person comes down to hit the tarp at a staggered rate compared to you. You’ll hit the tarp and the force of their landing will ripple through and cause your jump to become more forceful and consequently rocket you into the air. The acceleration they need to get bouncing is much less than the smaller person, so when that force hits the smaller person, it comes with a significant result.

The Third Law of Trampoline Parks

The third law of physics states “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This is the law that makes the tarp and spring perform the way you want them to. This is the force that produces the bounce for your extreme trampoline experience. When you push down on the giant trampoline, the third law provides that push back in combination with the acceleration that bounces you up, high into the sky.

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