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As we mentioned in one of our previous blogs, jumping on a trampoline is important for releasing endorphins and promoting physical and mental growth in children and adults alike. However, there are many physical advantages to jumping on trampolines for sport and as a gym. Airbound Trampoline Park works as both a party venue and an extreme trampoline gym that helps you work multiple muscle groups while enjoying yourself. The really great part about using a trampoline gym for your physical activity is that you’re getting the higher levels of cardio akin to running without the high-impact on your joints. Boost your metabolism, burn calories, and effectively avoid destroying your joints while working the major muscle groups that will give you the toned body you’re hoping for.

Work Your Abs At The Jump Park

Core strength is very important. As one of the larger muscle groups, building it ensures you’re giving your metabolism a hearty boost that will burn fat and calories more consistently than many other groups. You’ll build this muscle by the flex and release action needed to bounce on the large trampolines in our gym. If you check out some specific techniques before visiting the park, you can easily tap into a type of ab workout that will be much better than crunches or situps because of how much faster they’ll build that muscle group.

Use Extreme Trampolines For a Great Butt

Lunges, squats, and calf lists all focus on specific, smaller groups of muscles and take many reps and much diligence before you’ll start to see improvement. While trampoline gym routines still require hard work to see results, they also provide a much more effective, entire muscle group workout than those smaller more focused areas would. Your entire leg, including thighs, buttocks and calves will become much more toned because of the repeated bouncing motion while you’re on the trampoline. You can work your arms out as well by moving them as you jump which will allow you to tap into aerobic repetition that is great for your heart and will easily tone your arms.

Sports Trampoline Benefits

High-impact exercise like running, skipping, and jumping rope can really harm your joints. It seems like everyone nowadays have heard of older runners needing multiple knee surgeries because of how much stress has been put on them for so many years. With sports trampolines, you hardly need to worry about your joints, as it is considered a low-impact exercise. After swimming, sports trampoline routines are the most popular low-impact exercise with fitness experts. Studies have also found that consistent activity in a trampoline gym improves your immune and lymphatic systems and can trigger your body to flush toxins.

Access a Fun Trampoline Gym in Upper Falls

Here at Airbound Trampoline Park, we understand that the word gym can have a negative connotation surrounding it. Which is why we’ve developed a jump park full of fun physical activity for both adults and children to enjoy. If you’re interested in accessing the healthy qualities of a jump routine, you’re totally welcome. We encourage regular access to our trampoline gym via our league programs that allow members of the community to play trampoline dodgeball. If you think physical activity is no fun, you should come check out our league and large trampoline park. We’re pretty sure it’ll change your mind about exercise.