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Airbound Trampoline Center takes pride in providing an incredible experience for the youth of Whitemarsh. We value the importance of play for children and adults alike, but we’re aware that sometimes you won’t be able to play with your kids. Thus, we decided to introduce our summer camp program to keep your kids playing constantly, making social connections that benefit their future. Apart from being great exercise and plenty of fun, there’s actually a fair amount of data supporting the developmental benefits of sending your child to summer camp. In fact, the general consensus is that summer camp helps foster resiliency skills which are categorized by self-esteem, life skills, prosocial behaviors and self-resilience. These basic, nearly tribal, survival skills prove to be invaluable later in life as they try to succeed in career paths and other accomplishments throughout life.

The Benefits of Camp

A researcher and senior fellow at the Search Institute in Minneapolis mentioned that “camp is one of the few institutions where young people can experience and satisfy their need for physical activity, creative expression and true participation in a community environment. Most schools don’t satisfy all these needs.” In a sense, the idea of a summer break has always been inspired by the notion that the child will get something out of it that school cannot offer. Where it used to be an opportunity to work and dedicate themselves to physical labor and the meditative properties of the work. In this respect, summer camp has always been a window of time where children can invest in skills and learning things that can’t be learned in a classroom. Camps are built off of similar notions now that present a structured day that has an emphasis on having fun on a daily basis and provides older, positive role models that have time to discuss and reflect with the child which provides outside adult relationships from their parents and teachers. The hope is that, through muscle memory and honed practice the children will begin to form skills around making decisions, taking responsibility, developing creative skills, and working together. The idea is to build independence and the self-reliance skills that they’ll need in order to gain confidence and become a functioning adult and teen.

Camps Are the Key To Maturity

It can be easy for a child to get stuck in a certain ecosystem and revolve through too much of a controlled environment. Because of the steadily decreasing interest in reading literature among most children, there are very few mediums for divergent thought processes to enter a child’s mind and adapt their thinking processes. Thus, camp introduces a new ecosystem, full of different ideas that will lead to social, emotional, intellectual and moral maturity. The founder of Active Parenting actually stated that “the building blocks of self-esteem are belonging, learning and contributing,” which is exactly what a dynamic, physical summer camp provides.

Learning Social Adjustments

It could be said that an uprise in bullying might be contributed to both a lack of emotional intelligence and skills to socially adjust. Bullying surfaces for many reasons in children, but one of the main ones is not being able to sow a social community for themselves because of poor social adjustment skills. The hypothesis states that because of overly doting parents and little exposure to both rejections as well as divergent ideas renders children incapable of adapting to social situations. Instead, they’ll seclude themselves and depend on the parent’s word of “you’re awesome,” and “who needs them?” as facts, rather than encouragements like the parent meant them to be.

Develop a Sense of Community

Chiefly, though, the major benefit for children is developing a sense of community and experiencing the rewarding feelings that produces. It personifies the value of being a part of a community and gives the child an experience that’s outside of the regular routine. The notion is that a sense of community will promote an environment the enables children to belong, cooperate, contribute and therefore become caring and functional citizens. It allows your child to recognize a sense that life is larger than just yourself in another form besides Facebook which can be potentially too much to swallow in one sitting. Instead, you’ll be able to teach them to find and receive a sense of connectedness, acceptance, safety, affiliation and even appreciation. In a sense, everything that school can’t accomplish summer camp can. All while providing a space for your child to come while you have to fulfill your day-to-day responsibilities over the summer.

Sign Up For Airbound Trampoline Park’s Summer Camp

If you’re searching for a summer camp that will be entertaining and foster the growth mentioned above reach out to us. We provide half-day and full-day camps beginning June 11th and ending August 31st. Sign up your child today so that they can grow and spend their time in a positive environment this summer.