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Welcome back to Airbound Trampoline Park’s newsletter. This month, we intend to talk about something that is highly controversial at trampoline parks: can adults host their birthday parties there?

When it swings around to that time of year when you must host a birthday party people tend to panic. Your birthday party must be the best, it must be a landmark event that you’ll be able to look back at for the next year and in the future to mark it as a birthday to remember. The day of the year you gain another year of experience under your belt is important it should be marked by a memory that’ll last. Rather than struggle to come up with something that’ll fit your personality, entertain your guests, and be flexible enough to fit whatever theme you want to go with look to our trampoline park. We specialize in throwing events that are sure to make a mark in everyone’s mind for years to come.

Endless Entertainment

Trampoline parks are obviously an awesome choice for a party for children but it’s also awesome for adults. Our White Marsh bounce park can totally satisfy entertainment and hosting needs in one shot. The trampoline park itself is a huge playground full of bouncy surfaces, a Ninja Warrior course where you can practice your hard-core parkour and foam blocks to break all your daring falls and cushion your leaps. On weeknights we host leagues of sports, instead of competing in a league, you can compete against your friends in dodgeball, basketball and so many other games. In our opinion, dodgeball can take any group of party goers and turn them into a team. The game easily turns disorganized frolicking into a test of physical limits to jump, dodge, dip and dive. Dodgeball is fun of flat ground, on trampolines it’s out of this world.

Party Planning for Adult Trampoline Parties

Perhaps one of the most convenient and unacknowledged perks of celebrating your birthday at a trampoline park is the party planning aspect of the services our park offers. We offer six different rooms that you can choose from to host your party within. Our party packages include two extra-large pizzas and four pitchers of soft drinks and your very own party host who can cater to all your wants and needs for the party ahead of time. We’ll provide jumping socks to protect your all your guest’s feet and help you coordinate every detail of the party that you care to dictate.

Contact Airbound Trampoline Park

Interested in taking advantage of our awesome party planning opportunities that we offer? Contact us so that we can get your bounce park experience on the books. We’re eager to provide you with the best party hosting experience possible and we’re open to new ideas and, obviously, exceeding your expectations. Our White Marsh jump park offers the entertainment that your adult friends and you, are craving. Come check it out.