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As a jump park that hosts hundreds of birthday parties and events, we are thoroughly familiar with the importance of play. Apart from providing benefits to a child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical well-being, it’s also a great way to let loose for adults. To back up our ideas, we decided to call upon an article from AAP Gateway, a well-known health resource. According to them, play-time and free time have recently become rather endangered. The hurried lifestyle of the 21st century combined with the changes in family structures and an increased importance placed on academics and enrichment has managed to obliterate the child-centered play that is of the utmost importance at that age. In fact, child development and self-improvement for adults hinges entirely on play. The United Nations High Commission for Human Rights has even gone as far as listing play as a right of every child due to this very important. While this right is denied to many children that live in a state of poverty, it has also been denied on various levels to those children who have an abundance of resources. This has become a serious concern among many communities and is being treated seriously by child advocates. It is regarded as an issue of preparing our children socially, emotionally, and academically to lead us into the future.

The Power of Play

Free time and play allows for children and adults alike to tap into their supply of creativity. Through this, they can enhance their imagination, cognitive and emotional strength, as well as the dexterity and physical well-being. It fosters healthy brain development and in children, it promotes social adventures and future skills. There are even studies that individual free time helps people conquer their fears, reevaluate the world and develop resilience to future changes. Specifically undirected play promotes skills like the ability to work in groups, share, resolve conflict, negotiate, and even provides the opportunity to develop self-advocacy skills. There is also some correlating evidence that “child-directed” play actually promotes the discovery of their passions and will eventually turn into their interests as far as career paths. This is true for adult pursuits of interests as well. There are some opinions that promote the idea that with more free-time adults are more likely to become introspective and search themselves for their own ideas of themselves.

The Power of a Child

One of the most fruitful types of play for an adult would be play time with their child, or child-driven play. This is known for giving adults a unique insight into the world from the child’s point of view. This perspective not only builds a better bond with the child but is often followed by a flood of endorphins and therefore happiness. This is known to improve communication between the adult and child and improve general understanding between the two parties. For adults, child-driven play can be an eye-opening and relaxing experience that can only benefit your combined well-being.

The Side-Effects of No Play

The disregard for the importance of play has led officials to even reduce the allotted time for play for kindergarteners. They’re now putting a larger emphasis on academic pursuits, a policy derivative of the standardized testing now required so early in the school career. A survey from 1999 found that only 70 percent of kindergarten classrooms still had recess. The main worry is that this will have an effect on children’s ability to store cognitive information. In fact, this lack of physical activity in many classrooms has proven to limit the accessibility of learning for many boys in their classes because there is no release of energy.

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