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Throwing a top-notch birthday party for your child is extremely important. Yes, you want your child to have a great time, but most importantly you want to impress the other moms on the PTA board. While that is clearly a hyperbole, throwing an impressive party for your little pride and joy is going to give you a sense of pride whenever you think of it, so why not put in the considerable effort? The most important part of any kid’s birthday party is the theme. Here at your White Marsh trampoline park, we offer the ability to cater to whatever theme you can dream up and provide endless entertainment for your little ones and yourself. To ensure that you don’t get stuck in the weeds on the theme, we’ve provided a few suggestions to aid you in your pursuit of putting on the best kid’s birthday party your school has ever seen.

Foodie Themed

Although hipsters and their endless droning about avocado toast is annoying, they have a good idea of what good food is. And while a “cooking themed” birthday party seems closer to something Martha Stewart would naively suggest, a foodie-themed party leans more toward the hip version that would be far less labor intensive. Airbound Trampoline Park totally encourages the opportunity for you to bring in and provide your own food for your guests in addition to the two extra large pizzas that we provide in our party package. Let the kids jump to their heart’s content, diving and swinging in the Ninja Warrior Course and playing jump basketball in our park, then once they’re ready to open gifts and chow down, bring in the foodie level goods. Just because they’re kids doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy some salted caramel macarons, cheese stuffed bites of sausage or some unique cheeses on water crackers. It’s a completely unique, totally affordable, and easily executed strategy.

Social Media-Themed

Snapchat and Instagram have taken the world by storm and probably your child’s heart too. If your youngin’ enjoys snapping artsy photos and browsing their friend’s social profiles, they’ll get a kick out of a social media party. Our party package includes a lengthy amount of time to hang out in our party room and the bounce park itself offers tons of photo ops for shoots of mid-jump tricks and more. Complement the theme with emoji shaped cookies and other sweets. Be sure to create an individual hashtag for the party so the party guests can easily record the party on Instagram. That’ll make it easier to run through and grab all the photos to turn into a shareable collage afterward for all of them.  

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If you’re ready to put on an unforgettable party for your child, we’re ready to help you make it happen. Do you have ideas in mind already? Contact us and we’ll discuss details to ensure that your party planning through Airbound goes perfectly. Check up on our blog for birthday party hosting ideas and more about our trampoline dodgeball leagues.